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Lump-sum based contribution paid by migrant workers

The most of employers make employees pay regularization contributions when, according to the law, employers are the ones who should pay for it. Some employers want to be extra paid, we know of people asking sums up to 5.000 euros. This behavior is a crime called EXTORTION provided for by criminal code art. 629.
All workers having given in regularization application forms (referring to the above said memorandum) must remember that that kind of employers behavior can be sanctioned.
Witnesses and prooves must be shown. The ones, who choose to report to authorities the employers behavior who will be charged of extortion, can ask for the return of the sum paid.

As already expalined, regularization application forms are vague, in fact the real length of the work relation is not specified. Migrant workers are entitled to ask for the return of income differencies.
Unions will be able to help them in understanding what they should have earned and in obtaining the money from the employers. According to the law, everything stated must be also proved.
Servizio Sanitario Nazionale enrolment

We talked during past melting pot counters that Regione Lazio stated the right migrant citizens hold to be NORMALLY enrolled to S.S.N. via a resolution. Therefore full HEALTH CARE, including the right to choose a family doctor, is accepted, this is of coarse fundamental in cases of disease, in cases of certificates and Inps indemnity. This right was immediately recognized by Regione Lazio and subsequently by Regione Toscana, Regione Friuli, Provincia di Bolzano. This decision is nothing but an interpretation of law. If a person is actually employed and is waiting for regularization to come, that person has already paid the lump-sum based contribution (which implies S.S.N. as well), therefore it is a nonsense if they are not allowed to health care.
Regione Toscana resolution holds interesting issues. Migrant workers waiting for regularization proceedings to come to an end are not into any of the working categories provided for by consolidated act art. 34/35 concerning health care. Art. 34 refers to regular migrants health care. Art. 35 refers to the restricted health care rights irregular migrants hold. In fact these people are not fully regularized but they are neither fully irregular, this is the reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to health care. But the fact that they gave regularization forms in and they are working, they cannot be considered people without income.
Regione Toscana (e.mail…) states that those workers have the right to enroll S.S.N. because of their working status. The line of reasoning followed is that workers are paying contributions, this enables them to health care. All workers, who gave regularization application forms in, are entitled to enroll S.S.N. for a temporary six-month period, which can be extended in case final regularization is not recognized after that period or it has arrived. We are waiting for the same resolution here in Veneto, where Asls are denying S.S.N. enrolment to migrants showing regularization receit.