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2003 Flows decree – more precise information

2003 Flows Decree – December 20 2002 DPCM (decreto del presidente del consiglio dei ministri), published on Official Gazzette January 31 2003, states that “60.000 non EU citizens are to be allowed to Italy as subordinated seasonal workers” this is an anticipation to 2003 flows decree.

It is not provided for that flows decree quota are usable by any citizen but it is usable by citizens coming from states which still need to be defined. DPCM paragraph 2 clearly states: “Paragraph 1 quota concerns seasonal subordinated non Eu workers whose countries ar5e to become EU (Slovenia, Polland, Hungary, Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania, Cesk Repubblic, Slovacchia, Serbia, Crotzia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Romania), of coarse all those countries having stipulated cooperation immigration agreements together with Italy. FOreign citizen who held this kind of seasonal permit in 2001 and 2002 are obviously admitted”.

Workers, coming from any country, who came to work in Italy in 2001 on basis of subordinated seasonal work contract hold priority to this quota in case they’ve respected all time limits. This is of coarse an ecception, countries are in fact listed in an analytical way. The decree becomes unclear when stating: “seasonal work bilateral agreements”. In fact 2002 flows decree (extended to March 31 2003) lists countries who are entitled to reserved quota (Albania, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Moldavia, Sri Lanka). We should believe that these countries (which held benefits in 2002) are to be considered countries with whom immigration agreements were signed, therefore thier citizens should be entitled to seasonal work quota.

2002 flows decree is extended to March 31 2003

Talking of 2002 flows decree is interesting because, as already stated, 2003 seasonal work decree stated the extension to March 31 2003 in order to completely use 2002 quota.
Argentine citizens holding Italian origins are a category apart because showing Italian origins, as we well know, is quite difficult while living in Argentina. You can usually state this via finding documents in Italy (churches, army districts, councils, etc might have copies) therefore when it is stated that ebntering in Italy via showing the origins seems to be a joke, very few people do hold documents right from the beginning.
Subordinated work contract quota both open-end ones and determined ones (whose permits can be renewed in Italy which doesn’t happen for seasonal work contracts) were limited to citizens coming from Albania, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Moldavia, Sri Lanka. Quota are still available, interested employers should rush to Local Labour Departments to check numbers and times.