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Germany – Invasion of the jungle camp of Bahnsdorf

Activists and refugees against ethnic lagers

Successful demonstration inside migrants’detention camp of Bahnsdorf. Around 200 people, mainly self-organised refugees, have participated in the protest in Brandenburg, firstly against a camp in Bahnsdorf, later on in a demonstration in Senftenberg in front of the Foreign Office.
The main target, the refugee camp in Bahnsdorf, is not a closed camp, but it is a “jungle camp”, isolated in the forest, where the asylum seekers – according the German asylum law – are forced to live under inhuman conditions.
“European homecare”, the company, which is running the camp, tried to make all inmates afraid of the coming demonstration by telling lies about “anti-lager-action-tour”. They decided not to allow more than 30 people to come into the camp-area and to visit the refugees during the demonstration. But a well organised and determined demonstration could (literally) overcome these obstacles: a few private securities, who tried to keep the gates of the closed camp, have not had any chance, when more and more anti-lager-activists pushed forward… and the whole demonstration including the loud-speaker-car entered the area.
Dozens of policemen came too late and could not do more than to try to prevent that the demonstration arrive the last in the biggest building of the camp.
But in the same moment, when police trid to block the demonstrators, three activists appeared on the roof of the same building and let down a huge banner: no lager – freedom of movement! police and security were surprised and helpless, all demonstrators excited, and many inmates of the camp came out and have been more and more interested in the manifestation and further communication.
Finally also around 30 asylum-seekers from the camp joined the demonsteration out of the camp to the next city for a protest in front of the Foreign Office.