Practical instructions – After the entry with a working visa

Requirements needed both from the employer and employee:

This procedure refers to workers authorized to entry on working reasons subsequent to the release of the authorization provided by the Flow Decree.

within 48 hours from the entry on the Italian territory, the owner of the accommodation where the worker is going to live has to forward to the authorities the host statement or, in case of loan for use and lease, the lease contract (Comunicazione di Cessione Fabbricato).

The form containing the communication that the building/house has been assigned has to be presented to the Police Headquarters (Questura) or to the Department of Public Security, or posted by recorded delivery. In some places the communication can also be delivered to the Public Relations Office of the Municipality.

NB: the identity card of the declarer has to be attached to the communication.

within 8 days from the entry on the territory, the employee or the employer have to report to the Prefecture Office which has released the authorization that the worker has arrived and then complete the paperwork.

NB: in some cities an appointment has to be fixed via fax or email in order to contact the Prefecture.

Documents needed when coming to the Office –Sportello Unico :

The worker has to sign the residence contract the employer is advancing when forwarding the recruitment application and then hand in:

– fiscal stamp € 14,62 (already bought when forwarding the application via email. If it has been lost, buy a new one);
– copy of all passport pages and the original passport, copy of the host statement or copy of the communication that the building/house has been assigned with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours from the moment of entry;
– certificate of fitness for the accommodation where the worker is going to live or alternatively the receipt that the certificate has been requested;
– copy of the employment authorization released by the Prefecture.

The Office (Sportello Unico) will provide to complete and print the form for the request of the stay permit on working reasons. The worker will be given a paper indicating the date when he/she has to come to the Police Headquarters (Questura) for the identification procedures (including fotosegnalamento).

The Office will then give the worker the form with the request for the stay permit and an envelope which have to be posted to a certified Post Office. Consequently the worker is given the recorded delivery receipt.

Validity of the recorded delivery receipt

By holding the receipt you are allowed to:
– ask for registration to the Register Office;
– conclude contracts of employment; < - make a lease or any other type of contract; - register to the National Health Service; - go out and then enter again the national territory through the same border crossing point and without crossing the Schengen countries (see practical instructions)

If the employer is not willing to hire

See practical instructions – Flow Decree – What happens when the employer cannot hire anymore

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Translated by Oprea Mihaela