Ventimiglia – Eufemia Infopoint and Legal Aid for All help desk are now open

In order to offer a valuable support to the refugees in transit through the french-italian border of Ventimiglia, we have organized a service of free legal information and counseling provided by a network of legal advisors and lawyers specialized in asylum law.

One of the main need of refugees “in transit” (i.e directed to northern Europe) is to receive a correct and clear information about european and national laws governing asylum and to have a support to get protection of their fundamental rights.

Taking into account the high number of refugees blocked in Ventimiglia and the difficulties that they face to have access to legal information, we decided to contribute to the local services through an independent legal infopoint that will be opened at least twice a week (and hopefully for more days!) where lawyers and qualified legal advisors will volunteer to offer the best support.

At the same time, our legal team will continue to monitor the negative effects and breaches of international human rights law derived by the current european policy of management of asylum seekers and external and internal borders. Such research aims to prepare an advocacy paper to be submitted to all the national and international human rights bodies and to preserve the memory of this tragic historical moment.



Legal aid for all is part of an overall project to support refugees in Ventimiglia promoted and managed by Progetto 20k, in cooperation with Progetto Melting Pot Europa.

Eufemia Infopoint is an independent place where migrants can charge their mobile phone for free, have internet access and find multilingual information about services for refugees and international protection. So the Infopoint wants to be e safe and welcoming point of contact between migrants, but also a meeting point between Ventimiglia citizens and migrants.

Progetto 20k, is a movement made of men and women who believe in the right of free movement for all and think that everyone has the responsibility to take in the collective responsibility to take action. Progetto 20k works in Ventimiglia since July 2016 with the role of border monitoring and help desk for migrants that try to pass through it. The infopoint is bound to develop both a physical workplace able to support the action that is just being done on the streets and to create links and contacts with the city.

Cultural events, Italian language classes will be organized and a socio-linguistic cultural mediator with refugee status will be available twice per week.

The place is completely self-financed and is managed thanks to the activity of several activists that offer their time for the all week

We need your help to go on the more the possible with these projects!

With a small help you can help us:

– keep the place open and pay the Infopoint’s rental fees;

– buy all the necessary equipment (printers, stationery’s objects…) that allows us to fulfill our mission;

– print multilingual information guides;

– create a fund in case of legal actions;

– cover “Legal Aid for all” and “Infopoint” activists’ travel expenses;

– provide funds for our editorial staff, promotion of the advocacy reports, organization of public events related to the border framework topic;

– organize cultural and educational events to put the local people in touch with migrants passing through the border;

– organize Italian language classes.




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