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Welcome to Greece. A reportage about the City Plaza hotel in Athens

A lot has been written about the self-organised facility housed inside the former City Plaza hotel in Athens, which by now has become a role model in welcoming refugees, studied by the academic world and followed by international media. City Plaza is not just one of the many refuge born all around Europe in order to provide shelter for migrants where the government action cannot reach. City Plaza is a challenge and the result of a common mindset based on self-organisation and solidarity, the outcome of over 20 years of work and experience from DIKTYO (Network for Social and Political Rights), an independent network part of the Greek far left scene. It proposes an alternative formula of organisation based on a model of self-coordination and “horizontal” collaboration.

Therefore, we spent some time at City Plaza in order to understand its mechanisms and meet those people who created this project and support it every day.

The result of our commitment will be published on a weekly basis with the name “Welcome to Greece“, a set of four articles in a photo-reportage style. The first article will be on line on October 16th.

We tried to describe this extraordinary experience with a different approach. You readers will have the last word on the good outcome of this of work.

Mara Scampoli e Mattia Alunni Cardinali

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