Call from Moria Camp in Lesbo: Europe must help us! Afghanistan is not a safe place!

“My name is Abdullah, I’m from Afghanistan.

I’ve been here in Greece for two weeks, last year I was living in Germany but I was expelled and sent back to Afghanistan.

Their reason for my repatriation was that Afghanistan is a safe country.

But the truth is completely different: the country is not at all safe. Terrorists keep arriving everyday, many people are killed, there’s no safety for our lives.

We urgently ask support from the European Union, we came here for help because our country doesn’t guarantee the minimum security conditions.

We are in Greece, a European country, sice two weeks and we didn’t receive any kind of assistance.

We have nothing, no place to rest, we are sleeping under the trees. The situation gets worse when it rains.

No one here wants to listen to our needs.

When we talk about our problems, people answer us that they didn’t invite us and that we should go back to our country.

We beg you,
The whole Europe should listen to this message and should help all this people that are abandoned here, without any kind of support.”


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