Melting Pot Radio Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights Hosted by: Penelope, Eleonora and Mamadou Direction and post-production: Gianluca and Jerry Music selection by Samuel and Cidi banner_-_call_no_date.jpg Summary Today’s episode focuses on the Covid-19 emergency. We believe that the dramatic health and social crisis that we’re living through is even more difficult to understand and contend with for the most vulnerable in our society – people who in some cases haven’t yet mastered the Italian language. For precisely this reason, in today’s episode we will broadcast some information in multiple languages, thanks to the Associazione Giunchiglia 11. On the Melting Pot website, we published an open letter from the Coordinamento migranti in Bologna, entitled “Living in a Special Reception Centre (Centro di Accoglienza Straordinaria) in the time of Corona”. We will read you several extracts from this article. A second contribution comes from the lawyer Gianluca Vitale, who will speak about a letter co-signed by organisations and lawyers asking the Minister, prefectures and police stations to halt admissions to detention centres (“Centres for Identification and Expulsion”) and start the process of closing them down. L’avvocato Gialuca Vitale ci parla della lettera “Bloccare gli ingressi nei CPR e procedere alla progressiva chiusura dei centri” Continuing our in-depth look at the Coronavirus emergency, we will read several parts of an interview with Gianfranco Schiavone (Asgi), published in Il Manifesto, that condemns the government’s total lack of guidance for asylum seekers and professionals who work with them. Next, we give space to Lesvos Calling, a campaign for the freedom of movement, and describe their last few journeys, one to the Greek island of Lesvos, and another on the Balkan route. Matteo di Bozen Solidale, campagna Lesvos calling ci racconta il viaggio nei balcani del febbraio 2020 Nicola della campagna Lesvos calling ci parla del viaggio a Lesvos (marzo 2020) In the last part of the episode, we leave space for two information bulletins, with guidance, rules and recommendations for this time of public health emergency. This information has been compiled by the Giunchiglia 11 organisation, and simplified and translated by students from the Scuola Frisoun in Nonantola, in the Modena region. Radio Melting Pot, la trasmissione del 21 marzo 2020 banner_-_call_no_date.jpg
Melting Pot Radio Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio workshop for the promotion of citizenship rights This workshop initially planned to produce 10 broadcasts. Our editorial staff, born out of two public calls for participation, includes about 30 people, from multiple countries including Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Iran, Italy, Bolivia, Argentina and Senegal. In these meetings, including an initial meeting discussing how to develop the radio programme, we decided to separate into two groups: one dealing with technical aspects and the other handling editorial. The broadcast is divided into several sections corresponding to the sections on our website: Sans Papiers, Cittadinanze and Un Mondo Molti Mondi. The project is sponsored by Melting Pot Europa in collaboration with Open Your Borders – a volunteer association that operates in the city of Padova, running several social inclusion projects – Radio Sherwood and ParoleInMovimento, the Italian school for migrants in Venice supported by the student group LiSC. If you are interested in participating in the project, email

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Radio Melting Pot

Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza
For freedom of movement, for citizenship rights
Por la libertad de movimiento, por los derechos de ciudadanía

Pour la liberté de mouvement, pour les droits à la citoyenneté
من أجل حرية التحرك، من أجل الحقوق والمواطنة

Dal febbraio 2022 prende avvio un nuovo progetto di Radio Melting Pot che ha l’obiettivo di promuovere un protagonismo diretto delle persone coinvolte nei processi migratori.
Grazie a "Call to refugees”, realizzato con i Fondi dell'Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese, abbiamo l'opportunità di allargare e far crescere la redazione.


Una campagna solidale per la libertà di movimento
Dopo il viaggio conoscitivo a ottobre 2019 a Lesvos e sulla Balkan route, per documentare e raccontare la drammatica situazione sull'isola hotspot greca e conoscere attivisti/e e volontari/e che si adoperano a sostegno delle persone migranti, è iniziata una campagna solidale lungo la rotta balcanica e le "isole confino" del mar Egeo.
Questa pagina raccoglie tutti gli articoli e il testo di promozione della campagna.