Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza

Melting Pot Radio broadcast – May 23, 2020

Melting Pot Radio

Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights Hosted by: Chiara, Eleonora, Federica Direction and post-production: Pino Music selection by Jerry, Simon and Cidi Radio Melting Pot, la trasmissione del 23 maggio 2020 banner_-_call_no_date.jpg Summary Today’s episode is dedicated almost entirely to the so-called “Sanatoria 2020”, which refers to article 103, “Declaration of working relationships”, of the Rilancio decree published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, the official journal of record of the Italian government, on the 19th May 2020. We suggest that you listen first to this comment from the lawyer Paolo Cognini from the webinar supported by Melting Pot Europa on the 15th May. Alcuni minuti della relazione dell’Avvocato Cognini in merito alle procedure di emersione/regolarizzazione We then continue with an interview with Marco Omizollo, sociologist, principal investigator of In Migrazione and researcher with Eurispes. Marco speaks about his research on labour exploitation and illegal recruitment in the Pontine Marshes region. We also asked him for a comment on the “Sanatoria 2020”. In November 2019, Prof. Omizzolo published “Under Boss: Men, women and recruiters in the Italian agromafia” with Feltrinelli. L’intervista a Marco Omizzolo, sociologo e ricercatore EURISPES
We then move to the city of Padova for a story of everyday discrimination. On the 12th May, H. was stopped near the station while he was carrying out voluntary work. H. was told that he’d received an expulsion order. We interviewed Paolo Giacon, an activist with the organisation Open Your Borders, who has been following these events. You can read his interview with H., “Padova: a normal story”, on Melting Pot. Paolo Giacon, attivista dell’Associazione Open Your Borders, sul caso di H.
Next, Paolo explains the work of Help Desk, a legal advice desk which just this week relaunched its activities. L’attività di Help Desk, lo sportello di orientamento legale di Open Your Borders a Padova
In the final part of the episode, Stefano Bleggi from the Melting Pot project speaks to us about proposals that were made at the last open meeting of the “Siamo qui. Sanatoria subito” (“We’re here. Amnesty now”) campaign to launch a network of regional watchdogs to monitor the situation across the country. The campaign’s next open meeting will be on Monday 25th May at 7pm. Stefano Bleggi su Osservatorio della campagna Siamo qui. Sanatoria subito Finally, we remind you that thanks to the activists of the Lesvos Calling campaign, we’re continuing to monitor the situation on the Balkan route and on the Greek island hotspots. All updates are available by consulting the section dedicated to Lesvos Calling.
Melting Pot Radio Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio workshop for the promotion of citizenship rights This workshop initially planned to produce 10 broadcasts. Our editorial staff, born out of two public calls for participation, includes about 30 people, from multiple countries including Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Iran, Italy, Bolivia, Argentina and Senegal. In these meetings, including an initial meeting discussing how to develop the radio programme, we decided to separate into two groups: one dealing with technical aspects and the other handling editorial. The broadcast is divided into several sections corresponding to the sections on our website: Sans Papiers, Cittadinanze and Un Mondo Molti Mondi. The project is sponsored by Melting Pot Europa in collaboration with Open Your Borders – a volunteer association that operates in the city of Padova, running several social inclusion projects – Radio Sherwood and ParoleInMovimento, the Italian school for migrants in Venice supported by the student group LiSC. If you are interested in participating in the project, email

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