Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza

Melting Pot Radio broadcast – June 20, 2020

Melting Pot Radio

Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights Hosted by: Anna, Eleonora, Silvia and Carla Direction and post-production: Pino Music selection by Jerry, Simon and Cidi Radio Melting Pot: la trasmissione del 20 giugno 2020

banner_-_call_no_date.jpg Summary Before we begin the summary of today’s broadcast, we are glad to tell our listeners that new collaborators Arturo, Tommaso, Federica, Anna, Carla, Leonardo and Silvia have joined Melting Pot Radio’s editorial staff. In today’s broadcast, we will address several topics through in-depth interviews. We start as usual with the Sans Papiers section: the lawyer Arturo Raffaele Covella discusses the laws on the regularisation of migrants expected in the so-called Decreto Rilancio (Relaunching decree), and on the practical issues of its implementation. We remind you that several information sheets and materials about the so-called “Sanatoria 2020” are available on our website. We decided to discuss this developing topic with Arturo Covella, lawyer at the Court of Potenza. The interview was edited by Federica. Intervista all’Avv. Arturo Raffaele Covella

For the Diritti di cittadinanza (Citizenship rights) section, we will listen to an interview with Enrico Gargiulo, Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Bologna, author of the new book “Appartenenze precarie. La residenza tra inclusione ed esclusione” (“Precarious belongings: residency, between inclusion and exclusion”, Edizioni Utet Università click here to order). We asked him why he chose residency as a lens through which to investigate the regularization of the processes of community inclusion and exclusion. He also comments on debates over the topic of regularization drawing from his research on the concept of integration. Intervista ad Enrico Gargiulo, professore associato di Sociologia presso l’Università degli Studi di Bologna
In our usual section dedicated to territorial services, we move to the Venice region with an interview with Michela Semprebon and Barbara Maculan from the INSigHT project. INSigHT is a project which bridges academia and the third sector, in particular N.A.Ve (Anti trafficking network for the region of Veneto), in order to develop the capacity to manage human trafficking and transit routes in Nigeria, Sweden and Italy. The project is run in collaboration with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development and the project manager is Giovanna Marconi of IUAV University. In Anna’s interview with Michela Semprebon, also based in IUAV University and research coordinator, and Barbara Maculan of Equality, we explored the part of the research dedicated to a network of beggars in the province of Venice, labour exploitation and multi-agency work. For more information, visit the official website>] and see [our notes on the project. Intervista a Michela Semprebon e Barbara Maculan sul Progetto INSigHT
We then turn to the Lesvos Calling campaign with an interview edited by Carla with Nicolò Errico, a student in European and Global Studies at the University of Padova. During his academic internship at Salonicco, he volunteered for La Luna di Vasilika. This was his second time in the camp, where he volunteered in the midst of the public health crisis. We remind you that all the updates on the campaign are available in the special section on our website homepage. Intervista a Nicolò Errico, studente di European and Global Studies all’Università di Padova
The episode ends with the Migrarte section and a call from the finalists of the DIMMI-Diari Multimediali Migranti competition. Every year the DIMMI competition prizes and publicises migrants’ stories. The finalists’ stories were published in the books “Parole oltre le frontiere” (Words Beyond Borders) and “Se il mare finisce” (If the Sea Ends). The project aims to build new narratives about migration from the migrants’ point of view. By sharing their experiences, migrants offer an unprecedented account of a changing society, contributing to the creation and promotion of a new set of common values. You can listen to the words of Loredana Damian from the DIMMI-Diari Multimediali Migranti project. Loredana Damian sul progetto DIMMI-Diari Multimediali Migranti

Melting Pot Radio Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights This workshop initially planned to produce 10 broadcasts. Our editorial staff, born out of two public calls for participation, includes about 30 people, from multiple countries including Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Iran, Italy, Bolivia, Argentina and Senegal. In these meetings, including an initial meeting discussing how to develop the radio programme, we decided to separate into two groups: one dealing with technical aspects and the other handling editorial. The broadcast is divided into several sections corresponding to the sections on our website: Sans Papiers, Cittadinanze and Un Mondo Molti Mondi. The project is sponsored by Melting Pot Europa in collaboration with Open Your Borders – a volunteer association that operates in the city of Padova, running several social inclusion projects – Radio Sherwood and ParoleInMovimento, the Italian school for migrants in Venice supported by the student group LiSC. If you are interested in participating in the project, email [email protected].

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