We are here and we want a residence permit

On June 1, the procedure for the emergence / regularization of migrants present on the national territory officially started. If at a first reading of the decree we expressed an extremely negative opinion, now, after days of information desks and observatory on the procedures, we can say with extreme certainty that the approved rules are a scam for the thousands of migrants waiting for the possibility of emerging from the condition of civil and social annulment in which they are forced. These rules will leave thousands of people without a residence permit and without rights, and they will produce discrimination, they will induce migrants who already have a job to leave it to run after the illusion of regularisation in the limited economic sectors provided for by the decree, they will feed speculations and scams to the detriment of migrants forced to look for work contracts that are even paid 8,000 euros!

This is the awful product of the government choice which has decided to move just to try to meet the immediate needs of the economic and productive system, instead of facing the problem in its wholeness and from the point of view of rights and guarantees.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency with the campaign “We are here – Regularisation now!” we affirmed that the urgency to be addressed was another, that of the rights and dignity of people, that of the material existence conditions of those forced to invisibility, forced to live without any perspective other than slave labour, blackmail, deprivation of liberty for the mere fact of not having the documents in order.

We must reveal our criticism with strength, we can’t limit ourselves to negative comments by remaining immobile.

For these reasons, from June 18 to 30, as part of the mobilizations for a real regularisation promoted by the Sans Papiers at European level, we promote a week of mobilizations that prepare and converge in a national appointment precisely on the days when the Parliament will discuss the conversion of the decree into law.

We ask to all the social realities that joined the March call for a generalized regularisation and to all those who in these days sided with anti-racist gatherings to give life to demonstrations, sit-in, assemblies in front of the prefectures: let’s reveal together this regularisation scam carried out on the skin of thousands of migrants!

Let’s meet on Friday 26 June at 2.30 pm in Rome to go and tell the government that we want to break the chains of irregularity that hold hostage the lives and bodies of thousands of migrants!

We want the possibility of regularization to be free, broaded to all work sectors and extended beyond 15 August. We want a residence permit of at least one year (renewable and convertible into another residence permit, with the presence in Italy as the only requirement) for all those who do not have a residence permit or who have the permit expired even before 31 October 2019, or who hold a precarious permit (such as asylum seekers), employed or looking for work.

Info: sanatoriasubito@gmail.com

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