Melting Pot Radio broadcast – July 11, 2020

Melting Pot Radio

Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights Hosted by: Anna, Eleonora, Leonardo and Carla Direction and post-production: Pino Music selection by Jerry, Simon and Cidi Radio Melting Pot: la trasmissione dell’11 luglio 2020



The “Accoglienza Diffusa” project involves several municipalities in the area of Saluzzo in the province of Cuneo. It aims to provide temporary housing for seasonal workers employed by local farms and with no alternative housing options. For the Sans Papiers section, lawyer Fiammetta Rosso gives a brief overview of the issues caused by this year’s Covid-19 pandemic to the practical applications of the project. The interview was edited by Federica Torta.
Avvocata Fiammetta Rosso, Foro di Cuneo
For the citizenship rights section, we hear an interview with Filippo Furri, a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Montréal, where he investigates migration and asylum reception in Europe and researches the notion of Cities of Sanctuary. “The reception practices and policies are too often based on the idea that migrants are basically bodies to manage, vulnerable and without any agency whatsoever”, he explains in this interesting interview edited by Arturo Raffaele Covella. Moreover, we explore the notion of City of Sanctuary at the core of his research. Filippo Furri, dottorando in Antropologia all’Università di Montréal

The broadcast continues with an extract from Leonardo Galletti’s interview with Gabriele Proglio, researcher, historian and author of the new book “Bucare il confine. Storie della frontiera di Ventimiglia” (Puncturing the Border: stories of the Ventimiglia border) (Mondadori Education). The book is part of a research project in collaboration with the University of Coimbra and it aims to investigate borders, frontiers and organized refoulements of migrants who try to reach France from Ventimiglia, studying migrant memory and mobility, the involvement of civil society organizations and No Border movements. Gabriele Proglio, ricercatore di storia contemporanea presso l’Universidade de Coimbra

For our usual section dedicated to the Lesvoscalling campaign, we asked for a comment from Alessia, volunteer and activist at No Name Kitchen, which is part of the Border Violence Monitoring Network. Both organizations have been involved in monitoring the Balkan route and the Greek islands for many years, exposing the violence and abuses of power towards people moving across borders. The Border Violence Monitoring Network’s May/April 2020 report offers a clear overview of the dramatic situation. Recently returned from the Greek-Albanian border, Alessia’s words help to frame the data and statistics through a human lens. Alessia, attivista di No Name Kitchen e Border Violence Monitoring Network

For the column “MigrArte”, we will tell the story of “Shipwreck crime”, a photographic exhibition by Italo Rondinella, a photojournalist who lives in Istanbul and collected 44 objects documenting the shipwrecks along the Greek coasts on his journey at the Greek-Turkish border. You can visit the exhibition for free until July 19 at S.a.L.E. Docks in Venice. The interview was edited by Chiara Zannelli. Italo Rondinella, fotoreporter

Casa Madiba Network in Rimini is a project that works with the housing rights of homeless people. To this end, Casa Madiba offers many more services, including employment helpdesks, housing and health. The interview with Muriba Traoré, activist at Casa Madiba, is edited by Tommaso Pieri. Muriba Traoré, attivista di Casa Madiba Network

Melting Pot Radio Laboratorio radiofonico per la promozione dei diritti di cittadinanza Laboratoire radiophonique pour la promotion des droits de citoyenneté Radio laboratory for the promotion of citizenship rights This workshop initially planned to produce 10 broadcasts. Our editorial staff, born out of two public calls for participation, includes about 30 people, from multiple countries including Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Iran, Italy, Bolivia, Argentina and Senegal. In these meetings, including an initial meeting discussing how to develop the radio programme, we decided to separate into two groups: one dealing with technical aspects and the other handling editorial. The broadcast is divided into several sections corresponding to the sections on our website: Sans Papiers, Cittadinanze and Un Mondo Molti Mondi. The project is sponsored by Melting Pot Europa in collaboration with Open Your Borders – a volunteer association that operates in the city of Padova, running several social inclusion projects – Radio Sherwood and ParoleInMovimento, the Italian school for migrants in Venice supported by the student group LiSC. If you are interested in participating in the project, email

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