Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza

Let’s save Melting Pot! 25 years online for rights

For 25 years we have been committed to promoting citizenship rights and freedom of movement for everyone.

Help us stay online: our forces are no longer enough

Our website is the reference point for thousands of people who consult it every day, free of charge, for information, insights, and training opportunities. Thanks to this collective and plural work, many people have received answers to their questions. By referring to our published resources and fact sheets, they have been able to extricate themselves from the complicated tangle of laws, circulars and practices of the public administration and obtain a residence permit, the recognition of a form of protection, citizenship or a family reunification. Alongside these activities, we have always been committed to promoting a critical point of view on current migration issues and to building social and political campaigns aimed at changing policies that entail a dramatic compression of rights.

Today our website must be updated, otherwise it may no longer be accessible and able to work on most browsers. A great number of people may not be able to use it.

Why we need your contribution

We ask for a donation to help us support the creation of a new website, accessible, complete, and easy to navigate, free and enriched with services, projects, campaigns, functions and languages. In these three decades lots of you have enlivened it in a thousand different ways. The time has come to take action to support and relaunch the Melting Pot project.

We have major new challenges ahead of us to achieve fundamental rights. We want to strengthen and expand our community of activists, operators, lawyers, and translators in order to:
– Ensure complete, up-to-date, independent, free, and quality information on migration, structural racism, and citizenship rights.
– Promote social and political campaigns for the abrogation of unjust and unfair laws and the affirmation of new rights.
– Promote a critical look at the current management of migration policies.
-Strengthen our legal assistance and guidance services.
– Continue to be the point of reference for migrants, operators, lawyers, activists, students and all those who believe in a more fair society, where antibodies to racism and discrimination can grow and where the possibility of moving safely and an adequate protection is guaranteed.

We are going through a crucial moment. The rights of migrants are under continuous attack. In many contexts, not just national ones, important movements that criticize the structural dimension of racism are taking shape, and they are directly animated by people marked by the processes of racialization.

We want to continue to be an instrument for all those who act against systemic discrimination and for the achievement of citizenship rights.

Photo credit: Emanuela Zampa
Photo credit: Emanuela Zampa

Help us to

Make our virtual house of rights grow bigger and stronger: a free online place of knowledge, struggle, sharing, best practices and solidarity.
Save Melting Pot and support the renovation and updating of our website that otherwise may not be able to work on most browsers and be accessible for everyone.
Support the daily activities, carried out for free for 25 years, from the production of news and content, to orientation towards legal procedures and other services, up to social, political and awareness campaigns.

How your donations will be used

– We will build a new multilingual website with functional search service, possibility to access and subscribe to download content.
– We will develop a new UX/UI interface to improve its usability.
– We will update the fact sheets and FAQs.
– We will enhance multimedia contents such as videos and photographs, reports, or investigations.
– We will develop new communication campaigns for human rights.
– We will implement the graphic dimension.

Photo credit: Sherwood Foto
Photo credit: Sherwood Foto

Can you help us share the campaign?

Thank you for dedicating some of your time to us and supporting us! If you want to contribute in other valuable ways you can:
– Share the crowdfunding campaign “Let’s save Melting Pot” through whatsapp, telegram and signal.
– Promote the crowdfunding campaign on your social profiles, facebook groups, mailing lists etc.
– If you are a journalist or a blogger write about us and our initiative.
– If you are a member of an association, collective or informal group, walk alongside us to support freedom of movement for everybody.
– You can make a direct transfer to our C/c Banca Popolare Etica IBAN: IT90B0501812101000011344538. Beneficiary name: Tele RadioCity s.c.s. Onlus.
If you have any ideas for this campaign or if you want to learn more about our history, please contact us at:

NB. Due to shipping costs, rewards will not be shipped outside the country. Starting from € 5, all rewards include subscription to our weekly newsletter.

To discover the history of Melting Pot and our publishing cooperative, consult the website of Tele Radio City s.c.s. onlus.