Balkanroute calling: Caravan for Freedom of Movement

On Saturday 19 June, we will promote a caravan for freedom of movement, starting from Piazza Libertà in Trieste, a crossroads of solidarity and care, with the aim of reaching Maljevac, on the Croatian-Bosnian border. Crossing countries and borders that embody the hypocrisy of European policies, we want to denounce those who implement chain rejections and unroll barbed wire, to demand the opening of borders, the closure of all the detention camps and the end of violence and pushbacks.

We are anti-racist and anti-fascist collectives, groups and associations engaged in solidarity and civil rescue by land and by sea along the borders of this fortress Europe.
We want to act from below and network at European level, in order to create moments of breaking of the ordinary and to question the past, the present and the future of the securitarian system of immigration policies.

We cannot accept neither the policy of externalisation of borders, nor what is configured as a real border regime: we denounced it all together in Trieste on April 17, we want to do it again by going as far as the external border of the European Union, in Croatia, an armed country and EU pawn along the Balkan route in the dirty war against migrants.

We will be physically present on that border because it is both a symbol of European policies and a material device of containment, selection of migratory flows and rejection towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. For us, being in Maljevac means being in Ceuta and Melilla, in the Canary Islands, in Lampedusa, in Lesvos and in Evros.
Europe and its Member States continue to get blood on its hands, defending imaginary lines against the arrival of people, preventing their movement and denying them access to the right to asylum. They tear to shreds the main Conventions and Constitutions where fundamental rights, including the right to migrate, are enshrined. They base their policy on wasteful agreements with the worst dictatorships and corrupt militias, militarising borders with the help of Frontex, and writing pacts to make detention and deportations systematic.

We want to overturn a narrative that constantly speaks of emergency and humanitarian catastrophe, as if it were a natural disaster, without identifying the causes and those responsible for it! We want a radical change!

We invite everyone to take up our appeal and organise mobilisation initiatives, assemblies, public events against a system of torture and human rights violations on May 29 – the day on which the Italian Parliament will discuss a new shameful funding for the Libyan coastguard.
Towards 19 June, towards the Caravan for Freedom of Movement!

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Stages of the Caravan for Freedom of Movement:

Saturday 19th of June

– > Trieste piazza della Libertà
– > Border crossing Italy – Slovenia
– > Border crossing Pasjak
– > Border crossing Maljevac