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Welcome to Belgrade: #overthefortress among the invisibles of the railway station

Photographic reportage of Carmen Sabello

13 February 2017

Among the shacks and the crumbling, abandoned buildings of the railway station of Belgrade, hundreds of people, mostly Afghans or Pakistanis, have been living in inhuman conditions for months.

We came back to the Balkan Route, in order to denounce and report the troubles suffered by thousands of people as a consequence of the policies dealing with the blockage of migrants’ mobility as well as the infamous agreement between the European Union and Turkey, dated March 18, 2016.

In the chilly Belgrade, hundreds of refugees, among whom there are plenty of minors, warm themselves up burning the railway sleepers, with serious consequences on their health.

The only assistance, obstructed by the Serbian authorities, is given by the independent volunteers who provide them with wood and one hot meal a day.

On Sunday, March 19, exactly one year later of the EU-Turkey agreement, we will be on the march in Venice even for those hundreds of people that we met covered in thick, acrid smoke in those shacks in Belgrade. In order to stand out the Veneto region that welcomes, that doesn’t accept those both visible and invisible walls, which are raising around us, made of hate, social exclusion, refusal and violence.

Once again we will take to the streets to say #overthefortress against any border!