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"We’ll come united" a photographic project about the City Plaza in Athens

by Mara Scampoli and Mattia Alunni Cardinali

30 January 2018

This photographic project ends the reportage "Welcome to Greece"" - (Ita), which came about with the cooperation between Mara and Mattia and the extraordinary experience of City Plaza in Athens.

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Eight people, eight stories, eight objects. A short photographic project which aims to depict a cross section of City Plaza, and the lives and stories of its residents.

This work is the outcome of our visit to City Plaza and the meeting with its residents, who accepted our proposal to give a face and a voice to the people that share with them the refugee status in today’s Europe

In order to make this project, we asked them to share with us their story and to show us something important to them, somehow representative of their experience.

This is "We’ll Come United".