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National meeting report: “Siamo qui. Sanatoria subito”

Mailbombing and social campaign for an amnesty for all people without a residence permit and for those for whom the obtainment process is underway

10 April 2020

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On Saturday 4th of April, took place the first national online meeting of the campaign “Siamo qui - Sanatoria subito”, scheduled following the wide and large adhesion of many social organizations and people to the call for amnesty of irregular migrants at times of covid-19 ( current subscriptions: https://bit.ly/2x5voaQ ).

67 persons joined the meeting on the web platform, while video streaming was broadcast on Facebook page (link), reaching thousands of views; many people was following live broadcast from the website, too: meltingpot.org and the live radio streaming on Radio Onda d’Urto.

This is an extremely positive result that confirms the urgency of a generalized regularization at a time when the spread of coronavirus highlights even more dramatically all the social inequalities that still exist inside our society, and makes it even more visible differential access to health and social benefits.

The discussion therefore received the contribution of organizations located throughout the national territory, from North to South, from metropolises to rural areas, that outlined a map of what it means to be irregular, to live being deprived of any right, to end up imprisoned in a CPR, due to a regulatory framework , since Bossi-Fini to Minniti-Orlando and Salvini law, that created a large groups of invisibles.

The absence of full access to public health and healthcare, denial of freedom of movement, exploitation, poverty, undeclared work, unhealthy housing or lack of accommodation and running water: these situations affects more than six hundred thousand people and that, following the crisis economic aggravated by the coronavirus, could affect those who will be unable to maintain income and work requirements, or to convert their temporary permit into a stable residence permit. But tens of thousands people are also in a great risk, stuck in the quicksand of appeals after the rejection of their requests of international protection.

The urgency of an action is the common point that marks out from the speeches of whose joined the meeting, as time doesn’t go by the same way for all during pandemic. For people who don’t have residence permit is extremely difficult now to have access to healthcare, to earn an income, to shop, to get a hot meal and take any necessary measures to preserve themselves from the infection.

For this reason the first important goal, even as preliminary step, should be the complete access, without any restriction about residence and regular situation, to economic support and shopping vouchers provided by the decree “Cura Italia”.

Volunteering and mutualism networks, which in these days are working hard in many forms of solidarity, cannot be the only ones who concern for those who do not have enough income or are unable to provide for lunch or dinner.

The solution that emerged from the discussion can only be one: a generalized amnesty measure with no other additional requirement than the mere factual presence of Italy.

To achieve this goal, waiting to bring the claim to the streets, it was decided to immediately activate some virtual actions to give maximum visibility to the requests, hoping that the campaign for the amnesty will be brought to life locally, with the involvement of migrant communities and anti-racist networks, and then coordinating at national level.

It is also important to find active references, primarily among those administrators, mayors and regional presidents who can support the innumerable reasons for the amnesty and contribute to the promotion of the regulatory and institutional process necessary for the urgent adoption of the related legislative provisions.
In concrete terms, we propose:

- A social media campaign “Share your Siamo qui”.
We ask anyone to take photos with boards and posters with writing in different languages “Siamo qui. Sanatoria subito” and send to Facebook page and to email address: sanatoriasubito@gmail.com.
- To print all graphic material on the Facebook page and paste it on boards, walls and bring in most crowded places.
- MAILBOMBING on thursday 9th April from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m. from the platform towards Ministero degli Interni, Presidente del Consiglio and local Prefectures (you’ll find all email addresses below).


Campaign “Siamo qui - Sanatoria subito”:
To show the situation of irregularity affecting more than six hundred thousand foreign citizens, and their extreme difficulty in accessing to fundamental rights (housing, health, housing, work, income, etc.); situation made even more serious due to coronavirus pandemic and the provisions of the decrees containing “Urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19”.

Urgently required:
an immediate general amnesty measure for all foreign citizens without a residence permit that provides for the current presence in Italy as the only requirement;
an amnesty for the “ongoing procedures” divided into:
a) automatic renewal with presumption of requirements of expiring or already expired residence permits;
b) automatic conversion upon application from a party and with presumption of requirements for all residence permits, including those totally o partially non-convertible;
c) blocking of expulsions, detentions in the Centres for Stay for Repatriation (CPR) and removals already in progress or available

Indirizzi mail:

- Presidente del Consiglio:

- Ministero dell’interno:

- Prefetture locali divise per regioni (ordine alfabetico)

Chieti: protocollo.prefch@pec.interno.it
Fermo: protocollo.preffm@pec.interno.it
L’Aquila: protocollo.prefaq@pec.interno.it
Pescara: protocollo.prefpe@pec.interno.it
Teramo: protocollo.prefte@pec.interno.it

Matera: protocollo.prefmt@pec.interno.it
Potenza: protocollo.prefpz@pec.interno.it

Catanzaro: protocollo.prefcz@pec.interno.it
Cosenza: protocollo.prefcs@pec.interno.it
Crotone: protocollo.prefkr@pec.interno.it
Reggio Calabria: protocollo.prefrc@pec.interno.it
Vibo Valentia: protocollo.prefvv@pec.interno.it

Avellino: protocollo.prefav@pec.interno.it
Benevento: protocollo.prefbn@pec.interno.it
Caserta: protocollo.prefce@pec.interno.it
Napoli: protocollo.prefna@pec.interno.it
Salerno: protocollo.prefsa@pec.interno.it

Emilia Romagna
Bologna: protocollo.prefbo@pec.interno.it
Ferrara: protocollo.preffe@pec.interno.it
Forlì-Cesena: protocollo.preffc@pec.interno.it
Modena: protocollo.prefmo@pec.interno.it
Parma: protocollo.prefpr@pec.interno.it
Piacenza: protocollo.prefpc@pec.interno.it
Ravenna: protocollo.prefra@pec.interno.it
Reggio Emilia: protocollo.prefre@pec.interno.it
Rimini: protocollo.prefrn@pec.interno.it

Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Gorizia: protocollo.prefgo@pec.interno.it
Pordenone: protocollo.prefpn@pec.interno.it
Trieste: protocollo.prefts@pec.interno.it
Udine: protocollo.prefud@pec.interno.it

Ancona: protocollo.prefan@pec.interno.it
Ascoli Piceno: protocollo.prefap@pec.interno.it
Macerata: protocollo.prefmc@pec.interno.it
Pesaro-Urbino: protocollo.prefpu@pec.interno.it

Campobasso: protocollo.prefcb@pec.interno.it
Isernia: protocollo.prefis@pec.interno.it

Frosinone: protocollo.preffr@pec.interno.it
Latina: protocollo.preflt@pec.interno.it
Rieti: protocollo.prefri@pec.interno.it
Roma: protocollo.prefrm@pec.interno.it
Viterbo: protocollo.prefvi@pec.interno.it

Genova: protocollo.prefge@pec.interno.it
La Spezia: protocollo.prefsp@pec.interno.it
Savona: protocollo.prefsv@pec.interno.it

Brescia: protocollo.prefbs@pec.interno.it
Como: protocollo.prefco@pec.interno.it
Cremona: protocollo.prefcr@pec.interno.it
Lecco: protocollo.preflc@pec.interno.it
Lodi: protocollo.preflo@pec.interno.it
Mantova: prefettura.prefmn@pec.interno.it
Milano: protocollo.prefmi@pec.interno.it
Monza: protocollo.prefmb@pec.interno.it
Pavia: protocollo.prefpv@pec.interno.it
Sondrio: protocollo.prefso@pec.interno.it
Varese: prefettura.prefva@pec.interno.it

Alessandria: protocollo.prefal@pec.interno.it
Asti: protocollo.prefat@pec.interno.it
Biella: protocollo.prefbg@pec.interno.it
Cuneo: protocollo.prefcn@pec.interno.it
Novara: protocollo.prefno@pec.interno.it
Torino: protocollo.prefto@pec.interno.it
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola: protocollo.prefvb@pec.interno.it
Vercelli: protocollo.prefvc@pec.interno.it

Bari: protocollo.prefba@pec.interno.it
Barletta/Andria/Trani: protocollo.prefbt@pec.interno.it
Brindisi: protocollo.prefbr@pec.interno.it
Foggia: protocollo.preffg@pec.interno.it
Lecce: protocollo.prefle@pec.interno.it
Taranto: protocollo.prefta@pec.interno.it

Cagliari: protocollo.prefca@pec.interno.it
Nuoro: protocollo.prefnu@pec.interno.it
Oristano: protocollo.prefor@pec.interno.it
Sassari: protocollo.prefss@pec.interno.it

Agrigento: protocollo.prefag@pec.interno.it
Catania: protocollo.prefct@pec.interno.it
Caltanissetta: protocollo.prefcl@pec.interno.it
Enna: protocollo.prefen@pec.interno.it
Messina: protocollo.prefme@pec.interno.it
Palermo: protocollo.prefpa@pec.interno.it
Ragusa: protocollo.prefrg@pec.interno.it
Siracusa: protocollo.prefsr@pec.interno.it
Trapani: protocollo.preftp@pec.interno.it

Trentino Alto Adige / Sudtirol
Bolzano: protocollo.comgovbz@pec.interno.it
Trento: protocollo.comgovtn@pec.interno.it

Arezzo: protocollo.prefar@pec.interno.it
Firenze: protocollo.preffi@pec.interno.it
Grosseto: protocollo.prefgr@pec.interno.it
Livorno: protocollo.prefli@pec.interno.it
Lucca: protocollo.preflu@pec.interno.it
Massa Carrara: protocollo.prefms@pec.interno.it
Pisa: protocollo.prefpi@pec.interno.it
Pistoia: protocollo.prefpt@pec.interno.it
Prato: protocollo.prefpo@pec.interno.it
Siena: protocollo.prefsi@pec.interno.it

Perugia: protocollo.prefpg@pec.interno.it
Terni: protocollo.preftr@pec.interno.it

Valle d’Aosta

Belluno: protocollo.prefbl@pec.interno.it
Padova: protocollo.prefpd@pec.interno.it
Rovigo: protocollo.prefro@pec.interno.it
Treviso: protocollo.preftv@pec.interno.it
Venezia: protocollo.prefve@pec.interno.it
Verona: protocollo.prefvr@pec.interno.it