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Immediate evacuation of the Egeo’s Islands. Moria never again!

Press release by the activists of Lesvoscalling from the Venice Climate Camp

11 September 2020

Vai alla campagna Lesvos calling

Moria is burning and with ashes and flames once again is obvious the failure of the european policy about refugees. As Lesvoscalling we went, before the Lockdown, few times on the prison Island of Lesvos, and we saw with our own eyes what Moria really is and we illustrated the inhuman condition in which more than 12.000 people live trapped inside the camp. Once we were back, we screamed our lungs out from the greek consulate’s deck in Venice and inside the Eu commission’s building in Milan.

In Lesvos, Chios, Somos and the other hotspot’s island, people simply shouldn’t be there. They should already be free to move towards the main-land or to be relocated from Greece towards the other European’s countries.

But those people fleeing from the war and the misery are now hostages to policies that have as their mantra: security, defending the borders, selection. Shameful agreements were signed on their skin, like the Eu-Turkey deal in 2016; They are used as pawns of the geopolitical power games represented by the growing tensions between Greece and Turkey and by the nationalists - each one worse than the one before- throughout the Balkan route. In our own home as in Lampedusa these people are the plague spreaders, the scapegoat to hide the non-viability, environmental and social unsustainability of the capitalistic system, even though the privatization is causing the health system collapse.

The origin of the blaze is still unknown, the authorities declare that those fire were ignited by the refugees, exasperated by the chains of the captivity, by years of systematic violence and last but not least by the several neofascist’s assaults. The effect of the fire was glaring and tragic from the beginning. Thousands of people lost the few things that they owned and are now forced to sleep in the streets, with the perspective of being embarked on ships that are just gonna be another prison. We are sure that ‘’rebuilding Moria’’, even with new and more facilities, is not the solution.

Now more than ever the most urgent needs are the immediate evacuation of Lesvos (and the other hotspots’ islands), the creation of “humanitarian corridors” that relocate refugees from Greece towards Europe, the acceleration of the family reunification and at the same time it’s needed a complete revision of the legal rules on immigration and right of asylum, starting from a radical change of the Dublin Regulation.

These requests can not be only an estate of social realities and solidarity nets who operate from below inside of these frameworks, but every municipality have to immediately act in order to become a “shelter city” and conceiving a hospitality campaign for escaping people, giving the resources to reorganize their own welfare considering the hospitality and the synergy with the lands social fabric.

Never more Moria!
Freedom of movement!

#lesvoscalling #LeaveNoOneBehind