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Study visas – How can graduated students keep on studying at Italian Universities?

14 aprile 2005

Question - Hello. My question concerns my study visa that will expire in 2006. I just graduated but I would like to enroll University for a second degree in a different field of studies.
University administration told me that I cannot enroll to a different set of studies because my residence papers were issued to fulfil my former studies.
My question is: what’s to happen to my study visa if I go back home to again apply to university enrolment. Is my Italian residence going to be cancelled? I would enroll anything not to lose an Academic year. Can I enroll university on such basis?
Thank you very much. Best regards.

Answer - Once university studies are over, study visa cannot anymore be renewed unless post degree are enrolled by interested foreign students. In this case foreign students can apply to the extension of study visas up the day post degree specialization is over (of course all requisites – housing and income - must be respected).
University administration was right: the information you received is actually correct.
Interested students should go back to their countries of origin to newly apply to study visa authorisation, according to ministerial instructions. Students will need to give all application forms and documents in within May 18th at Italian consular representative back in their home countries.
Foreign students need to start proceedings all over again if they wish to enroll to a University department different from original one.
What’s to happen to residence papers if this student returns to his home country?
If papers are valid, this person can leave and come back to Italy. He just needs to show his residence papers at borders together with valid residence papers. This student needs to pay attention to papers expiry date, if he is abroad when papers expire nothing can be done from abroad.
Therefore the new authorisation to study in Italy needs to be issued during papers residual validity. He will then need to fulfill all procedures back in his country of origin and come back. He shall finally understand whether to renew former papers or to have others released.
Keep in mind that to start off new university studies all bureaucratic proceedings must be newly fulfilled.
What’s to happens to residence in Italian territories in case of cancellation of personal enrolment into council’s registries?
If papers are not renewed personal enrolment is cancelled. When new residence papers are issued this same person will be newly enrolled. This problem is referred of because this interested citizen aims to apply to Italian naturalisation and law provides for that citizens must be enrolled into Councils’ registries for ten years in a raw.
Example - In case a person has been regularly living in Italy for 9 years but he/she loses papers for a while. He/she will be allowed to newly enroll registries when new residence papers are issued. Unfortunately continuity of enrolment is broken and he/she will need to start the ten years count down right from the beginning.