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Residence papers conversion – How to have it done after the authorisation to family rejoining

14 aprile 2005

Question - Good afternoon, my best compliments for your web-page. A Moroccan boy applied to family rejoining to have his mother come to Italy. Rejoining was at first denied and then authorised after appeal at court. In Italy he lives his sister, who holds subordinated labour residence papers.
The question concerns the fact that this boy’s papers are about to expire and he is regularly employed. His labour contract is determined in time. Once their mother arrives to Italy, she will be issued papers that last as much as the boy’s ones, his sister wonders whether family rejoining papers can be moved to her papers or not.

Answer - This chance should be allowed. In fact we believe tha Immigration consolidated act art. 3 paragraph 1 letter c can be applied to this situation. Art. 3 provides for that residence papers issued on basis of family matters can be released right here in Italy in case of citizens that regularly live in Italy and that respect all requisites. The most typical example is the one concerning citizens that live here on basis of tourism visa and apply to papers conversions here in Italy without the need of returning home.
If this is allowed to citizens that have tourism (or other kinds) visas, we are sure that in case someone already holds family rejoining papers conversion should easily come if all requisites are being answered to. There should not be problems even though such a situation rarely occurs, police headquarters may show some perplexities but convertion should anyway come.