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Radio Melting Pot: call to refugees

Join the project team, participate in the online call Saturday 15 January 11.00 am

Radio MP: call to refugees

Too often people with a migration background do not talk about migration.

The editorial staff of Radio Melting Pot, born at the end of 2019 thanks to the funding of the Tavola Valdese, with this project wants to enhance and promote a direct protagonism of people who have been part of migration processes.

Often the person who migrated is perceived as a passive subject and therefore made invisible in the media. Moreover, the mainstream narrative does not help emancipation and valorisation: besides not dealing with the migration phenomenon in a correct and rational way, the faces and voices of migrants are almost always absent when people talk about immigration or migrants’ countries of origin.

The project stems from the desire to include refugees in the editorial staff who will join the existing group.

The activities are aimed at learning the technical and journalistic means to make 10 monthly broadcasts on the topic of migration and asylum, with a focus on the countries of origin (COI).

If you are interested in participating in the project or would like to know more about it, please participate in the call for proposals which will take place online on Saturday 15 January 2022.

To receive the link to the call or for more information write to [email protected]

Radio Melting Pot: call to refugees is financed with the funds “Otto per mille della Chiesa Valdese“.