Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza
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Melting Pot – The new website is online, another step forward

Here is the result of a collective effort: thanks again 30,000 times!


Seven months after the crowdfunding campaign «Save Melting Pot» has ended, the new Melting Pot Europe Project website launches at 3pm on Monday 13th December. It is not a simple restyling. Rather, it is the evolution of a project that in the past 26 years has taken different forms in order to continue being a point of reference and a pluralistic form of communication. 

In addition to a more modern graphic layout and the migration to a new Content Management System (CMS), you will find the following new features: an efficient research engine for all contents published since 2003; the possibility of creating a personal account to start building a Melting Pot community; a shop where you can buy products to support the project.

Melting Pot has evolved, accompanying the transformations, especially on a national and European level, of both the migratory movements and of the laws that have attempted to oppose or to govern them, trying to grasp their trajectories and issues and paying attention to their various facets. In its development, it has been characterised as a project articulated on three strongly intertwined levels. 

The first level is dedicated to information and in-depth analysis, in an attempt to shed light on the abuses and violations of fundamental rights, as well as to build a different narrative. But it is also an editorial project, striving to give space to the protagonists of migration and to solidarity networks, especially in a historical moment in which the rights of people with a migration background are constantly under attack and important movements against structural racism are taking shape. 

A second level addresses legal advocacy and services. These are two specific projects within the general plan. These activities consist in providing assistance, orientation and training, favouring the networking of social realities, third sector bodies and solidarity activism. Along with the providing of good information, an in-depth, concrete and daily work is necessary to achieve an inclusive society, characterised by rights and not privileges. 

Last but not least, the third level is meant for campaigns and initiatives, for non-negotiable rights and those still to be obtained. The time is certainly not easy, as the European Union is showing its worst side and all around us rights are trampled; at the borders, people die or are rejected by barriers and armies; solidarity at sea and on land is hindered and criminalised. It is therefore necessary to promote a critical look at the current management of migration policies and to reinvigorate social and political campaigns for the repeal of unjust and unfair laws and the affirmation of new rights.

In the past 26 years we have learned that, in order to achieve any goal, even a small one, being alone is not sufficient: help from numerous and diverse people is necessary. This is also part of the reason why 750 people and associations decided to save and support the relaunch of the project: a melting pot that grows and offers itself as a pluralistic space for activists, experts, jurists, operators, volunteers. A space for the intersection of the several battles that have been taken to the streets, inside and outside the courtrooms and within the bureaucratic systems. 

We need to build a different and new horizon, capable of giving us the possibility, once again, to imagine a fairer society, with a new concept of citizenship rights.

Our thanks go to those who have supported and accompanied us on this long journey, sharing their knowledge and expertise, pledging their time to defend and affirm essential rights. 

Melting Pot is the fruit of such choral and collective commitment, where ideas, life stories, passion, desire for justice and freedom converge. Only together can we build a horizon able to strive for the change of our existing reality.

Melting Pot Europe
For freedom of movement, for citizenship rights

Special thanks to the HCE team, for their valuable innovation and support, to the NoParking graphic design studio and to our cooperative publishing house Tele Radio City.