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Regularization: how to have underage children registered in residence papers

Welfare ministry memorandum, released March 18 2003, provides more precise information on the chance of having underage children registered in residence papers when finally signing regularization final documents. This comes as an answer to a Livorno police headquarters question.

We shall look through this note details.
Past February 5, Livorno police headquarters asked whether when signing regularization final documents underage children can be registered in parents residence papers or not. Livorno police headquarters ask if this could be done also when parents income declaration is missing.

In other words headquarters suggest that since we are talking about a sort of family rejoining parents should show that they hold necessary means in order to sustain underage children, therefore Livorno police headquarters ask whether previous year tax declaration needs to be given in or not in order to register underage children in parents residence papers. They also ask whether older than 14 years old children should have their own papers when regularization is over or not.

Remeber that:

younger than 14 underage children are registered in parents residence papers, in both of them in case the two of them hold documents or just in one of the two.

– Older than 14 underage children can have residence papers realesed at their name.

Welfare ministry answers Livorno policeheadquarters and underlines that subordinate work residence papers holders have the right to family rejoining apart from the working relation starting date.
In other words, the fact that holding subordinate work residence papers entitles to family rejoining right,
this happens without having to show when the job has started. Workers do not need to give tax declaration in, which would concern previous year work. This clearly means that few pay packets are enough to family rejoining.
This ministry note reaffirms the right to have underage children (younger and older than 14) registered in parents documents.
This is what is allowed to children.

What to do when a son/daughter turns 18 before parents regularization is completed

In case a son/daughter turns 18 before parents regularization is completed, we do hold serious doubts that they could be registered in the parents residence papers. This happens only because they’ve turned 18 before regularization is completed.
The chance of regularizing children goes together with prefecture’s hearing times.
In case, as we can actually presume, awaiting times are to last months or years unserage children turning 18 would be excluded from regularization.
We do hope that this situations are to be quickly defined on demand by Prefectures, as it already happens in case a person is dismissed. But we have already explained that giving priority to such proceedings is impossible. ‘Ordering’ document at Post office central data service is impossible.