The EU’s Dirty Hands

Rapporto di Human Rights Watch del 21 settembre 2011

This report assesses Frontex’s role in and responsibility for exposing migrants to inhuman and degrading detention conditions during four months beginning late in 2010 when its first rapid border intervention team (RABIT) was apprehending migrants and taking them to police stations and migrant detention centers in Greece’s Evros region. The RABIT deployment has been replaced by a permanent Frontex presence. The report is based on interviews with 65 migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Greece in November and December 2010 and February 2011, as well as with Frontex and Greek police officials.

Key Recommendations
Methodology and Scope
I. Background: Frontex
II. Protection Crisis in Greece
III. Inhuman and Degrading Detention Conditions
IV. Frontex’s Enforcement Role in Greece
V. Frontex’s Responsibility for Exposing Migrants to Inhuman and Degrading Treatment
VI. The Fragmentation of EU Responsibilities