Per la libertà di movimento, per i diritti di cittadinanza

Young Greens go #overthefortress

The humanitarian crisis across the Balkans must not happen in our name – we will do what we can to stop it. Young Greens join an international mobilisation to help people who face a new border regime provoked by selfish and shortsighted decisions taken in rich capitals of Western Europe. Join us Easter 2016 to challenge this madness!

A caravan of cars at the initiative of the Czech Young Greens (Mladí Zelení) will leave towards the southern Balkans on 24th of March, over Easter holidays. If you have experience of refugee solidarity, medical experience or relevant media experience: please join us! Send an e-mail to, including the following details:

a) Name, passport number, mobile number

b) which of the following possible starting points you would be in the evening of 24.03: (Prague/Munich/Vienna/other)

c) your experience relevant for the #overthefortress caravan: (medical/refugee solidarity/media/other)

d) if you can and are ready to pay or find financing for your share of the costs (an estimated share of 100 €/person, to be confirmed)

The plan is to go, to witness, to help where we can, to document and to denounce the inhuman treatment of refugees on the closing borders of Europe, and together with other groups uniting under the #overthefortress identity do what we can to keep them open.

More information on the parallel Italian initiative by Global Project

A second part of the mobilisation will be a disobedience action on the border crossing at the Brenner pass on the border between Italy and Austria on Sunday 03.04. A demonstration will leave from the Italian side and try to cross the border as we should all have the right to: without showing identification, and as a collective manifestation of our right to freedom of movement.

As Young European Greens we call on you to join them, either joining on the Italian side, or travelling together to join a mobilisation to meet the mobilisation from the Austrian side. If you wish to join this manifestation, we are arranging a collective mobilisation starting in Munich, traveling via Innsbruck to the Brenner pass and with the intent to return to Munich the same evening. If you wish to join the disobedient action to keep the borders open, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

a) Name, mobile number

b) are you able to join the mobilisation on Sunday 3rd of April by

– leaving from Munich in the morning, or

– making your own way to Innsbruck, where you will join the mobilisation

c) if joining from Munich, are you ready to support the mobilisation by paying for the group travel (estimated 30 € there and back)

d) do you have a reason to be especially concerned in the unlikely case of an arrest (underage/no papers or no residence permit/important commitments the following day/other)

If joining from the Italian side, for instance as the last step on your journey back from the Balkans, there will be a general info meeting and gathering in Trento, Italy at the CSO Bruno on Saturday 2nd of April.

More information on the overall mobilisation at the Brenner pass.

If you have questions or wish to participate in the Young Greens part of the mobilisation #overthefortress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the mobilisation at or call +32-2-6260727.

Good luck, and let’s make the world a safer place for everyone by going #overthefortress together.

The Federation of Young European Greens