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A information guide for market mendors

Consequences from penal and administrative point

A information guide for market mendors.
“Risk a street vendors takes when working without a licence”

Index :

1°The consequences from all the
administration point of view

1.1 What possible actions can be taken
against the administrative sanctions

1.2 Practical advise to follow if
administrative sanctions are incurred

2° Consequences from penal point of
view sales of imitation goods, cd,
dvd, bags ect.

2.1 Consequences from the penal point of
view with respect to migrant citizens with
a valid permit to stay (law Bossi-Fini)

2.2 Consequences from the penal point of
view regarding emigrants without
permission to stay. (law Bossi-Fini)

2.3 Useful strategies for both cases

2.4 Other useful advise

3°Legal assistance with free legal aid:

4°Street trading on pubblic areas (The necessary documents)

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